Unknown Armies

Crowd Funding seems to be the next big thing. It has already built quite a momentum and somewhere on the line I became a fan of the concept. What is […]

That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die. Roleplaying games are a little bit like the great Cthulhu in that regard. Just […]

Royal Games by Suzi9mm

… the question „What is … what we see in that picture?“ was once more raised by Shadom, this time after raiding the deviantart gallery of suzi9mm back in November […]

A bit of wishful thinking is permissible for Christmas. Wishing for world peace for example. A full belly for everyone. Defeating disease. Happiness and harmony. My personal wishful thinking regarding […]


To me, Unknown Armies is a game, which masterfully blends ancient myths and concepts with contemporary believes. While browsing through the book I always felt, that most adepts take their […]


While our American team including our editor-in-chief ApokalypseTest is still attending this year’s GenCon (and hopefully collecting impressions for a full-length report) d6ideas starts into its second active week with […]