Editorial: The second week

EditorialWhile our American team including our editor-in-chief ApokalypseTest is still attending this year’s GenCon (and hopefully collecting impressions for a full-length report) d6ideas starts into its second active week with this new editorial, courtesy of our old world members.

After ApokalypseTest introduced our project at length in the last week, including the basic structure of editorials on Sundays and new articles spread over the week, we followed up on this with the first couple of articles, featuring two different RPG systems, an English and a German article each, and slightly different content types – a collection of creatures and character options on the one hand and the description of a location on the other. By this, we tried to demonstrate some of the elements we plan to feature on D6ideas.

We will continue in this vein in the coming week and also for the rest of the month, using the articles during this time present the scope we have in mind for d6ideas. This will entail the following: Articles dealing with more systems, articles authored by more contributors, and more different types of content (some of which ApokalypseTest already mentioned last Sunday).

On Monday we will start the week of articles with the Slacker by Hasran (Artjom Merjasch), the new archetype for Unknown Armies. Of course this will include all necessary rules to play an avatar of the Slacker – chilling on the couch all day will acquire a wholly new cosmic meaning. The Slacker will also be our first truly bilingual article, as it will be published in English and German at the same time after some team members felt so in love with it that they immediately started on a translation.

On Thursday Wer ist die Idiotessa? (German for Who is the idiotessa?), a cooperation of five German contributors, will be our first “Was ist …?” (German “What is …?”) article. Starting with a name (such as “idiotessa” in this case), a phrase, pun, or even a picture a group of gamers and game masters brainstorms together and let their creative juices flow to create short concepts and ideas for different game systems. In this case the results were a number of different NPCs for Warhammer, Iron Kingdoms, 7th Sea, and other games, along with some entirely different things. While this first article will be German, we definitely plan to have English articles of this type in the future as well.

I hope you’re going to have fun reading the articles and perhaps we’ll see each other on the d6ideas forums.


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