STRIPPER Assault Rifle

Directed energy weapons have gone out of favour in the World of Progress but times were when these weapons dominated battlefields ranging from the blood-soaked plains of War Worlds to the glitz and glitter of the early Circuit to the shadowy depths of Lower Downtown. Reason enough to take a look at one of the outdated marvels from those days of bloody glories-past.

The STRIPPER is a large particle-type weapon with a rapid rate of fire leading to its classification as an assault rifle. While this type of energy weapons offers almost no chance of outright penetrating through armour it can quickly peel away even multiple layers of hardened laminate. Ceramic shielding makes the weapon bulky and quite heavy at 10 kg, as does the large on board power cell. The cell cannot be easily changed under field conditions, so reloading is done by connecting the STRIPPER to an outside energy source for recharging, a process that can take more than one hour to complete.

During its heyday the STRIPPER was sold for 2400c.

Game Use:

STRIPPER Clip 100 Calibre – ROF 5/1 Recoil – Range 30m

A shot from a STRIPPER causes 12 points of damage in an unarmoured target, or the same amount of armour damage if hitting armour.

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