Spinal Injection Rig

The Spinal Injection Rig takes the outward appearance of a flexible metallic strip attached to the users back. It runs from lower back all the way up to the neck. Along its length a single compressed air cartouche and up to six drug vials can be mounted.

The drug delivery system injects compounds directly into the spinal canal, thus removing the access barrier to the central nervous system. This greatly benefits such centrally acting agents as most advanced combat drugs, enhancing both speed and their effects without the necessity of a dose increase (indeed the Spinal Injection Rig limits the amount injected from a single vial, to prevent accidental overdosing).

A Spinal Injection Rig costs 45c.

Game Use:

Combat drugs injected via the Spinal Injection Rig take effect with a delay of only one phase instead of the usual three.

The user of a Spinal Injection Rig suffers an additional -2 modifier on PHYS rolls to prevent addiction.

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