Another older design, the SLA-P got phased out as a standard semi-automatic pistol for operative use early in the 9th century SD. A solid firearm manufactured directly by SLA Industries itself, the SLA-P was already chambered for the same 10mm ammunition still used in modern operative service pistols. Ultimately the pistol was derived from earlier military models, to which it owed not only its blocky full-ceramic frame and black finish but also its reliability, low maintenance cost and ergonomics optimised for equal use by different races and both right- and left-handed shooters, along with the ability to accept all accessoires.

The SLA-P originally retailed for 140c. Production continues to this day in limited numbers though, and such weapons are sold for 300c.

A SLA-P weighs 0.6 kg.

Game Use:

SLA-P Clip 15 Calibre 10mm ROF 2/1 Recoil 4 Range 12m

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