Self Track Shoulder Turret

Apocalyptic Systems and KlipKiller continue their successful partnership with the Self Track automated infantry protection system.

The system mounts a double-barrelled 12.7 mm assault weapon in a shoulder harness with upgraded tracking capabilities for a full 270 degrees field of fire. No trigger assembly is included, as the Self Track’s fully computerised targeting and firing mechanism autonomously engages targets designated via vocal command.

The Self Track Shoulder Turret is a self contained unit and not designed to accept additional accessoires.

The whole system weighs 4 kg.

A complete Self Track Shoulder Turret costs 990c.

Game Use:

Self Track Clip 8 Calibre 12.7mm ROF 2/1 Recoil 8 Range 10m

The Self Track gives an additional attack at skill rank 3. It may not be fired using the character’s own skill.

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