Treasure Pod – a treasure for Rogue Trader

Loot-a-Day, Day 16: Flying treasures

Treasure Pod
When Rogue Trader Hermann von Antioch found his flotilla being overwhelmed by an unknown xenos threat, his first thoughts were of the trophies, treasuresm assets and antiquities he had on board his flagship. He thus gave order to load as many of these as possible into his personal escape pod. Too late did he realize, that there was no more room for himself after the servitors were done storing only his most prized possessions. Before he had the chance to correst his mistake, a massive strike from one of the xenos vessels broke his ship’s spine and – dumbly dutiful to the last – the emergency cogitators launched the pod into the black void of space.

So immense is the value of the treasure pod’s contents, that recovering it will immediately lend +1 Profit Factor. Also, it may well contain any number of items of individual value, interest … or danger, from rare and exotic weapons or art to books or artefacts.

Why Rogue Trader?
This one took a bit of a winding path until it arrived at Rogue Trader. The first idea was to do something like a precicous gas, then there was a jump to all manner of flying palaces, cloud- and spaceships as treasure, from there it went on to spaceships full of treasure to then finally arrive at the escape treasure pod.

Loot-a-Day is a month-long German blogging challenge by fellow German blogger Greifenklaue, who was inspired by ArtifactaDay which we ran last August as a counterpoint to RPGaDay in Germany. We followed up on this with two more marathons of daily content about artificial creatures and science-gone-too-far, respectively, and now Greifenklaue seeks to spread the format.

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