Revisiting Poseidon I – updating Blue Planet articles to the revised edition

With the revised edition of Blue Planet out for some months now, it seems about time to do what the new Player’s Guide did to the official equipment to the gear and vehicles we have collected in our own articles:

Update them to the new rules.

In Blue Ops Gear, we focused on the equipment of special forces teams, terrorists and insurgents. For full descriptions of the items, please refer to the original article. Under the revised rules, the profiles of the presented items change as follows:

Composite Crossbow
Dimensions: 0.5 to 1.3 kilograms and 0.5 to 1 meters
Power Source: Varies, none or mini cell
Rigging Value: Standard (different tools needed for either manual or powered composites)
Durability: 0
Legality: Legal
Availability: Uncommon
Cost: 50 to 400cs
Ammo Capacity: 1 or more if belt fed
Fire Mode: S for manual load; S/B 2 for powered model
Range: P 4/S 10/M 18/L 95
Damage Rating: 6
Delay: 4 for manual load, 2 for powered model

EV Paste
A stealth check is needed to successfully apply the paste, modified by circumstance. Using just the paste without additional concealing measures will give a -1 to those trying to detect an intruder by heat emission. Combined with full camouflage and face protection this increases to -2 on attempts to find an intruder using heat sensors.

Form: Paste
Dosage: Once every 4 hours. Exact amount of EV paste depending on body surface area.
Legality: Legal
Availability: Common
Cost: 100cs per application for a typical human

Grenadier Remote
Dimensions: 2.5 kilograms and 5 liters
Power Source: Standard cell
Rigging Value: Standard
Durability: 0
Legality: Restricted
Availability: Scarce
Cost: 2,400cs

Peacekeeper “Hybrid”
The Hybrid is equipped with a targetting interlink system and interactive access chip.
The Hybrid has three settings (subsonic, standard and maximum). Subsonic firing results in a -3 modifier on checks to notice or locate the firer.

Dimensions: 1.2 kilograms and 1.2 liters
Power Source: Mini cell and binary propellant
Rigging Value: Standard
Durability: 2
Legality: Restricted
Availability: Scarce
Cost: 1,500cs
Ammo Capacity: 22 rounds/magazine
Fire Modes: S
Range: P 3-5-7/S 5-10-15/M 10-20-35/L 25-75-85 (subsonic/normal/maximum settings)
Damage Rating: 5/7/8 (subsonic/normal/maximum settings)
Recoil: 2/3/3 (subsonic/normal/maximum settings)

The Trickster
Basic tricksters give a +2 to hacking and a +3 to counter measures.
Standard types give a +3 to hacking and +1 to counter measures.
Fully advanced models give a +5 to hacking and no bonuses to counter measures.

Dimensions: Varies, depends on the object it is disguised as
Power Source: Mini cell
Rigging Value: Standard
Durability: See above
Legality: Proscribed
Availability: Uncommon (basic models), scarce (standard models) or rare (advanced models)
Cost: 5,000cs to 30,000cs

The eponymous Guppy Fighter-Sub boasts these revised stats:

Dimensions: 3.5 meters long, 2 metric tons
Power Source: Fuel cell and MHD drive
Fuel Efficiency: 6 kilometers/liter
Range: 600 kilometers
Speed: 100/200
Combat Speed: 84
Power: 1
Handling: 2
Rigging Value: Standard
Legality: Restricted
Availability: Rare
Cost: 350,000cs
Armor: 6
Durability: 2
Crew: Pilot
Passenger/Cargo Capacity: None
Standard Accessoires: ECM suite [2], ejection system, onboard computer,
security system, sonar suite [3], stealth suite [5]
targeting computer
Armarment (Standard Guppy): Torpedoes (3)
Armarment (Horned Guppy): Torpedo Cannons (2), Torpedo (1)

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