Playing Catch-Up – or: What we have been up to

d6ideas dice2Ever wonder why we use and re-use those images a d6 prominently showing one of its sides for all of the stuff we label as ‘editorials’?

The number of pips shown corresponds with the number of ‘non-editorial’ (i.e. gaming content) articles we want to publish the following week. So much for that little secret.

Only problem: That has not been working out too well for the past eight weeks or so.

The first four, we simply lagged a bit behind in regards to this ‘the following week’ part. Which we then solved by getting a bit creative with assigning publication dates to the articles (bless WordPress for its ability to fake correct the date stamp).

The last four however, we simply did not deliver. And so we are missing a total of 6 articles at the present moment. And while we’d like to claim that this total will be reset to 0 immediately this very moment, I am afraid that it will probably still climb a bit for the rest of the year.

As an early New Year’s pledge, however, we promise to get it down right away in 2013.

But in the meantime, what is that stuff we have been dragging or collective feet on for so long, and what is it we will (try to)still put out this year?

Right at the top of that list have to be an article or two regarding our very own topic of choice for the month of December: Carnival.

The closest contender is a short series of articles to update the rules and stats included in all of our previous Blue Planet articles to the new standards of the revised edition of the game.

Our regular columns (both ‘What is …?’ and the Atlas) have languished for a while as well, and that despite the next installments of both just needing the smallest bit of final polish before being presentable.

And finally, a small homebrew game might make for a good Christmas present, but we are still struggling to chop that up into manageable pieces, so who knows…

Well, at least I am nearly done with all of my Christmas shopping!

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