Python Fleet Defense Fighter and Lieutenant Mihaela Benedictina “Lorea” Redding-Goshal – flyers and pilots for Rogue Trader


Python Fleet Defense Fighter
The Python represents a radical departure from accepted Imperial navy attack craft design. Optimized for maximum endurance and the lowest possible signature, it is an ambush predator, lurking in the void, ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey. While these characteristics make the Python less suited to strike missions and interceptions than other designs, they make it an ideal fighter for providing CVP to its parent carrier and other vessels in the battlegroup.

Craft Rating +5 (+15)
Speed (VUs) 8 (12)
Squadron Size 20
Special Rules
Void Ambush: When providing CVP, the Python’s Rating increases to +15 and its Speed is treated as 12 for determining the range at which CVP can be assigned to a vessel.

…and pilots

Lieutenant Mihaela Benedictina “Lorea” Redding-Goshal
Lt. Redding-Goshal is one of the sector’s most accomplished flight leaders and fighter aces. Some of that is down to the way the connectors of the Mind Impulse Unit studding her spine allow her to literally become one with her Python but her uncanny ability to seemingly feel the presence of approaching enemy attack craft long before they show up on any augur systems goes far beyond that.
As the commander of the prestigious first flight of the battlecruiser Theosophia‘s complement of Python fleet defense fighters, she is responsible for flying escort for the personal craft of admirals and high imperial dignitaries and is considered part of the inner bodyguard detail of the Theosophia‘s commander, whom she is thus expected to accompany at official and social functions. The heavy set lieutenant loves and hates these duties, recognizing the chances for advancement they afford her but loathing how they keep her away from her Pythons cockpit and the serenity of the hunt.

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