Project Blackbird – sciene-gone-too-far in SLA Industries

Even more science-gone-too-far in SLA Industries:

Project Blackbird

Project Blackbird is a secret strategic thinktank of SLA Industries.

Thinktank. In the case of Project Blackbird, the designation has to be taken literally.

Think-tank. Project Blackbird is about segregating thought from the world. It is about creating an isolated environment for thought. Project Blackbird, at its core, consists of an isolated life support tank, placed within an autonomous satellite. Its sole inhabitant – its sole inmate – tasked – forced – to think, to think about the very things Head Office normally forbids any thought about and enforces this prohibition with zero tolerance: The Truth.

The isolation of the autonomous satellite system is designed to shield the thinker in the tank from any possible distraction from these terrible lonely thoughts – and to protect the World of Progress from these very thoughts and insights.

A system, designed and build for the purpose of making the paradox reality: To think the thoughts that cannot be thought. A failsafe for a time when impossible knowledge might be needed.

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