Prototype Helix Rethreader – sciene-gone-too-far in Feng Shui

Science-gone-too-far in Feng Shui:

Prototype Helix Rethreader

The first test versions of the Helix Rethreader while working on the same basic principles were far less precise in their genetic scrambling and their effects dissipated more rapidly. While they refined the weapon in the final production version, the Architects like to keep around a few of the prototype Rethreaders precisely because of their more sledgehammer-like genetic tampering.

A prototype Helix Rethreader deals normal damage without any of the special effects associated with the regular Helix Rethreader. The Damage rating of a prototype Helix Rethreader is 7 plus the target’s highest Chi secondary attribute. It has a Concealment rating of 6.

Prototype Helix Rethreader is a separate Arcanowave Shtick from the regular Helix Rethreader.

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