P&K Powerskates

Phase & Kestrel offer their Powerskates as a modification for all Power Projects power armours. The modification turns a standard suit of powered armour into a Keshang personal powersuit. It consists of induction-powered in-line wheels retractably mounted in the armour’s boots, upgraded motive systems of the lower extremities, and joint-arrestors for increased comfort on longer trips.

A modified armour retains all of its protective qualities and remains fully capable of operating in its usual fashion.

Engaging the Keshang functions drains the armour’s energy reserves at approximately twice the usual rate.

Powerskates are available at Phase & Kestrel, Phase Inc., and many Power Projects authorised dealers at a rate of 680c.

Game Use:

Type Keshang Max Speed 160 km/h Skill Pilot, Powesuit PV/ID as Armour Max Crew/Passengers 1/0

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