The OptiKil is one of the few new directed energy weapons to come out of Mort’s weapons laboratories. It is a high-powered laser marketed as a sniper weapon. The three stage trigger first activates a low-intensity guidance beam doubling as a highly accurate painter before increasing to maximum energy. Fully depressing the trigger sends an immediate second laser pulse down the same path after the first.

Sights can be mounted on an OptiKil but it can receive no other accessoires.

The OptiKil weights 16 kg with 0.5 kg going to the five-shot charge pack powering the weapon.

An OptiKil sniper laser costs 4000c. Charge packs cost 80c each.

Game Use:

OptiKil Clip 5 Calibre – ROF 2/1 Recoil – Range 400m

OptiKil charge pack PEN 16 DAM 8 AD 1

The guidance beam acts as a laser painter providing a +2 modifier to hit.

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