MJL Power Lance

MJL opens a new field in melee weapons with their Power Lance design. While the Power Lance can be used as a normal polearm, striking and thrusting with its powered front quarter, it really starts to come into its own when employed from a moving vehicle as a ‘vehicular melee weapon’. Brace and shock-absorber systems are mounted in the butt of the Power Lance to protect the wielder during such high speed attacks, and additional recoil dampers and gyroscopic stabilisers can be mounted as well. The energy systems in the lance-shaft provide power for 10000 hours of use.

MJL sells the 4 kg Power Lance for 125c.

Game Use:

Power Lance Skill Polearm DAM 3 PEN 5 AD 3

If used from a vehicle the attacker’s speed instead of STR is used to determine the DAM bonus. DAM bonus is 1 per 10 metres per phase of current speed. Upon a hit the Lance causes an amount of recoil equal to this special DAM bonus.

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