Medusa System, Optical

The Shaktars possess a level of neuromuscular control over their braid-like cranial appendages that is astounding to humans. The Medusa System takes advantage of this, by picking up the voluntary motor signals and replicating the intended movements with its armoured tentacles attached to the Shaktar’s helmet.

The tentacles of the Optical Medusa System mount a variety of cameras and lamps with different range, magnification, and frequency bands, to provide superior visual sensor data.

Common illumination and camera systems as well as other armour mounted sensors and conventional AV-stalks seem crude and awkward in comparison.

Medusa Systems can be mounted on the helmet of any standard SLA Industries powered armour.

An Optical Medusa System costs 600c.

Game Use:

The Medusa System, Optical negates up to 3 points of negative modifiers do to darkness or other vision impairments. It grants use of IR, UV and electronic magnification, 360 degree all-round vision. It also functions as an AV-stalk without audio-pickup.

Non-Shaktars do not gain the benefits of a Medusa System.

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