Magnum Gauss Barrel Modification

Magnum Gauss Barrels are an optional modification for conventional firearms, normally using chemical propellants in their ammunition.

This option extends a firearm’s barrel and adds a series of magnetic accelerator coils to the extra length. The coils impart additional velocity to the projectile before it leaves the barrel. This results in a significantly improved penetration profile, the main benefit of such barrel modification.

A Magnum Gauss Barrel modification can be easily added to any firearm which comes equipped to accept a silencer, taking the silencer’s place.

The gauss barrel weights 1.5 kg.

Advanced Gunnery: Berenyi, the manufacturer, asks 145c for it.

Game Use:

A Magnum Gauss Barrel adds +3 to the PEN of any round fired from the modified firearm.

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