Liquid Lance

The Liquid Lance is a portable water cutter, optimised for use in melee combat. Water from an internal 2 litre tank is forced at ultra high pressure through an aperture at the lance’s tip, forming a liquid blade capable of cutting through even high-stress ceramics.

The pressure pump system is powered by a 5000 hour internal supply, but a full tank holds only enough water for about a minute of continuous operation. Hip or backpack-type tanks of 10 and 50 litres capacity are available to alleviate this problem. Up to four additional tanks or other water sources can be connected via integrated adaptor-hoses to a Liquid Lance.

A filter system within the lance allows tanks to be refilled with normal tap/drinking water or even rain water without fear of risking damage to the weapon.

An empty Liquid Lance weights 3 kg.

A Liquid Lance costs 100c. Hip and backpack tanks are available at 5c and 10c respectively.

Game Use:

Liquid Lance Skill Industrial DAM 3 PEN 6 AD 4

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