Legacy – an artificial species for Blue Planet


The Legacy biomodification is an advanced genetic redesign developed in secret as a hybridisation of human and Poseidon aborigine DNA. The genetic material for this was collected from specimens of the aborigines’ technician caste.

None of those aborigine structural traits not found in Earth vertebrates, such as the hydrostatic skeleton or the combined nervous-vascular system, are present in the hybrids. The one exception is their optical apparatus. Legacy hybrids lack human eyes, instead possessing clusters of the eye spots typically seen in aborigines and other Poseidon species. The clusters cover the location of the eyes and the surrounding area. Apart from this anatomically prominent feature, the other traits inherited from the aborigines are less obvious. They include the aborigines’ highly developed chemical and electrical senses, the ability to synthesize various cross-species pheromones and transmitter substances and their strong bioelectricity.

If these latter traits also confers some ability to interact with Creator technology is unknown.

Legacy Modifications (Blue Planet v2):
+1 Build
+2 Fitness
-1 Dexterity
+1 Awareness
+3 Awareness (Chemical)
-2 Awareness (Visual)
-2 Presence
+2 Will
+2 Endurance
+1 Reflexes

Electrical Shock, Damage Rating 3

Legacy Modifications (Blue Planet Revised Edition):
+1 Physique
+1 Cognition
+1 Psyche
+2 Endurance
+1 Reflexes
-2 to task rolls involving social interaction with non-hybrids
Electrical Shock, Damage Rating 3

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