Heavy Spacer – an artificial species for Blue Planet

Logo_RSPKarneval_Oktober2015_PinkEditionHeavy Spacer

Squat and sturdy, the so called “heavy spacer” genies could scarcely be further from the standard spacer modification in physical appearance. While the latter were optimised for conditions of free fall and microgravity environments, the heavy spacers – sometimes also referred to as travellers or navigators – are designed with resistance to high g-forces and extended periods of acceleration beyond 1 g in mind, resulting in the obvious physical differences between the two types. Apart from the differences in general body structure and the composition of the musculoskeletal system, the modifications also include many similarities. Especially the metabolic changes and the extreme temperature and radiation resistance are common traits to both of them.

Heavy Spacer Modifications (Blue Planet v2):
+2 Build
+1 Fitness
+1 Endurance
+1 Toughness

Heavy Spacer Modifications (Blue Planet Revised Edition):
+1 Physique
+1 Endurance
Cold, heat and radiation Tolerance

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