Vevax – an artificial creature for SLA Industries


The Vevax are the result of a batch of Vevaphon polymorphs being heavily contaminated with Flusion during production. Tissue viscosity was critically reduced by the introduction of the potent cellular de-bonding agent at such an early stage, rendering the entire batch unviable. Unviable for use as shapechangers, that is, not unviable for survival.

Unable to sustain solid form, the Vevax exist in a permanent liquid state. Encased in fully powered armour, sometimes several intermingling in a single suit, they can still enact surprising force, their shapeless multi-functional tissue bracing against the artificial exo-skeleton.

The Vevax follow all the standard rules for Vevaphons. However, they may not create weapons or armour from their bodies, nor can they assume any shape other than a viscous puddle without support such as offered by powered armour or a humanoid exo-skeleton.

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