Like the P008.8 the K42 is an example of New Prussian weapons of the conflict war era. This 8.8mm assault rifle with integrated flamethrower was used extensively by New Prussian forces during the Conflict War era. It combined excellent armour penetration and range from the primary action with lethal close quarters and urban combat capacities granted by the under-barrel flamethrower.

The K42 weights 4 kg.

Surviving examples are all museum pieces or in the hand of private collectors.

Game Use:

K42 Clip 18 Calibre 8.8mm ROF 3/1 Recoil 6/5 Range 64m

Flamethrower Clip 5 Calibre – ROF 1 Recoil – Range 25m (maximum range 50m)

8.8mm Rifle STD PEN 12 DAM 8 AD 1

A shot from the flamethrower follows the rules for grenades and explosives with a Blast Rating of 3 and a Penetration of 0, with the following exceptions:

The epicentre of the blast is the target. The blast area is the direct line between firer and target. The secondary blast area extends one metre from the target.

The skill used for firing the flamethrower is Auto/Support.

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