Internal Splint Rods

A system intended for the treatment of bone fractures, internal splint rods combine multiple aspects of medical technology into a single package. The main function of the slender rods is to set and give stability to broken bones, especially limbs, in a fashion similar to more traditional external splints, casts or surgical plates and screws. To this end the basic rods can be shaped by a practitioner as to mimic the outer contours of the bones to be repaired. A sharp edge allows for the rod to act as its own surgical tool as it is inserted into the body, obliviating the need to open up the patient for implantation. The progress of such a procedure can be easily monitored by appropriate imaging technology. The rod’s edge is treated with cellular healing agents, promoting the closure of the cut it makes as it passes through intervening tissues. The material of the splint rod is biodegradable within the target, releasing more healing agents tailored to the rapid regeneration of the bony tissues the splint rod is attached to.

An internal splint rod costs 18c.

Games Use:

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  1. Suggestion for game use; Allow limited use of affected location, reduce healing time by 10%.


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