Gifts for Operatives, a SLAmas Shopping Guide – Striker MCP NewLine Winter Collection Liquidizer

Striker MCP NewLine Winter Collection Liquidizer
The “Liquidizer” gloves are the stand out piece in the new Striker collection. They now come with semi-liquid memory plastic inserts, guaranteeing ideal weight distribution and full range of motion under normal circumstances, instantly hardening on impact to provide heightened protection, and also for the first time include active climate control with full range on a 5000 hour charge. 96 colours, all sizes, all species, five- and four-fingered version, one price: 2c.

Get your mitts on them!

Game Use:
Liquidizer PV 2 ID 2 (hands only)
Liquidizer Skill Unarmed DAM 0 PEN -1 AD 0

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