A Chiphead’s Christmas Binge, the Tenth Day

>>>[I am fed up with it. What day ist it? Is it over yet?

  • Chippenduster, Teufel der Taiga

German war chip. If you know someone – and I know you do, even if you wish you would not, and I know you do – who is into German military stuff, who just can’t shut up about how great SK or HK or whatever other XK thing going bang and coming out of Germany is, who shows up everywhere in that terrible obnoxious METzel 2000 t-shirt (I curse myself for those German classes that force me to recognize that terrible excuse for a pun), here is your gift. Original footage, very good editing, and because Chippenduster are actual Germans it also gets that oh so important seal of “authenticity”. I really wish I didn’t know you.]<<< -Fed Up With It

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