Gauss Sled

The standard Department of Transport gauss sled is a small two-person vehicle designed to allow maintenance personnel to quickly and easily travel the length of the tube system used by the high velocity gauss trains.

The sled consists of little more than an aerodynamic armoured nose section, two heavily padded acceleration-absorption seats along with a small cargo compartment for tools and assorted equipment, and the necessary superstructure to interact with the linear acceleration boosters of the tubes.

The little vehicle reaches speeds of over 2500 km/h on straight sections, providing fast direct access to the entire network.

The Department of Transport builds its own sleds at a number of dedicated maintenance facilities at an estimated cost of 9400c per unit.

Game Use:

Type Train Max Speed 2520 km/h Skill Drive, Military PV/ID 15/100 Max Crew/Passengers 1/1

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