GA Slim Saw

The Slim Saw is a compact squad support weapon specifically designed with urban combat in mind.

The ceramic barrel has been greatly reduced in length compared to other heavy automatic weapons and the telescoping shoulder stock further reduces overall weapon length.

The weight, too, is phenomenally low at just 5.5 kg. To help manage recoil despite this lack of mass, a fair amount of gas is bled off and vented from ports surrounding the muzzle.

40 full sized 10mm calibre rifle rounds are stored in an underslung magazine running the length of the barrel and doubling as a forward hand guard.

The Slim Saw can be fitted with additional recoil compensation, laser painting units and scopes. Its special barrel design does not allow the installation of silencers or flash suppressors.

A Slim Saw costs 1295c.

Game Use:

Slim Saw Clip 40 Calibre 10mm ROF 10/2 Recoil 9/6 Range 12m

All bullets fired from the Slim Saw suffer -1 PEN.

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