Due to the unique structure of their advanced biogenetic cells drugs for Vevaphons put different demands on design teams than substances for more general use. G-4ce is one such specifically designed Vevaphon drug to reach the mass market. Originally part of a scheme to train Vevaphon pilots, who – due to their unique abilities – would place less constraints on the size, shape and placement of air- and spacecraft cockpits, G-4ce stabilises a Vevaphon’s cell structure, making it more resistant to the stresses of acceleration – a major concern during the pilot program. But this stabilisation effected by G-4ce not only increases acceleration tolerance, but the general ability of the Vevaphon to resist physical stresses – making the drug a valid choice for the operative market.

G-4ce has to be applied in larger volumes than common drugs, as the entirety of the Vevaphon’s body – every cell of it – is the target organ of the substance. One such large dose treatment costs 5c.

Game Use:

Game Effects: (Vevaphon) Immune to PHYS rolls and impact damage for 6 hours.

Addiction: -1 PHYS per 10 doses

Detox. Effects: -1 PHYS permanent

Addiction: continuous

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