Free Brilliance and Maya Mahler – ships and captains for Blue Planet


Free Brilliance
The Free Brilliance is an economic, engineering, and – most of all – a political experiment. A large surface cargo vessel, it was unclear whether she could be successfully built on Poseidon, and it remains unclear whether her operation will be viable in the long term, the more so, as she was jointly built and is jointly owned, crewed, and operated by several Incorporates.

Dimensions: 165 meters long, 18,000 metric tons
Power Source: Fusion reactor
Fuel Efficiency: 60,000 kilometers/tank
Range: 300,000 kilometers
Speed: 32/64
Combat Speed: 26
Power: -4
Handling: -4
Rigging Value: Standard
Legality: Legal
Availability: Rare
Cost: 6 million cs
Armor: 16
Durability: 6
Crew: 18
Passenger/Cargo Capacity: 38,000 metric tons
Standard Accessoires: Evac pods, onboard computer, radar suite [3], security system
Armarment: None

…and captains

Maya Mahler
Surprisingly, Maya Mahler is not a compromise candidate. Instead, she is an independent operator who was hired by the Free Brilliance’s owning Incorporates based solely on her competence and proven track record both on Earth and on Poseidon.

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