Examination Chair

Mercy’s examination chair is designed along the tried and true lines of examination and treatment chairs anywhere in the World of Progress. Where the chair really comes into its own is with the addition of its ten highly articulated arms. These arms can not only be fitted with the expected trays and lamps but also with up to five ‘fingers’ on every arm, each of which can hold a different medical implement. The arms and fingers can be moved manually and can also be controlled by the powerful colour-codex computer mounted in the back of the chair. This computer comes complete with vocal in- and output system, 3-slug firmware data storage and 25 chippy ports. The latter are in addition to the ports hardwired into the arms and fingers which connect any gear attached to the arms directly to the computer.

The examination chair can be hooked up to external power systems or fed by its own 5000 hours supply.

Fully equipped the examination chair is a complete diagnostic and surgical facility concentrated in one single piece of medical furniture, nothing more nothing less.

Mercy sells the examination chair for 9800c.

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  1. This has got me thinking of using it as a base for Medic trained Ops to, later in their career, expand into an affordable surgeon for companions. Available for hire (say, 5c per hour), and using other medical equipment here they could patch up injuries that would normally require expensive hospital treatment.


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