Servitor Crew Racks – a new ship component for Rogue Trader

Another alternative take on/additional option for portraying servitor crewed starships. This time the focus is simple: Saving space by not having to reserve room and resources for the servitors to sleep or eat or take care of other human needs.

Servitor Crew Racks (Crew Quarters Component)
On starships where a majority of the crew is made up of servitors, the amount of space and resources dedicated to quartering and providing for the masses of humanity that so much more commonly work the great vessels can be greatly reduced, while still more than adequately supplying the remainung humans.

Half Alive: Due to the preponderance of servitors amongst the crew with their reduced biological functions, the ship’s life sustainers need one less Power than normally (down to a minimum of 2).

Appropriate Hull Types: Transports, Raiders, Frigates
Power: 1
Space: 1
SP: +1

Appropriate Hull Types: Light Cruisers, Cruisers
Power: 2
Space: 2
SP: +1

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