Ad-Blog plus: For cheap: – a classified ad for Shadowrun

Ad-Blog plus, Day 19:

For cheap: Used cyberware – Rig-Shaw II VCR, 30.000 – 1 pair cybereyes, Liquid Souls, blue with heart pupils, low light vision, image link, 4.500 or 2.500 for one – 15 datajacks, various makes and models, 400-800/pc. depending on condition, 10.000 for all – small assortment of individual dermal plates, as additions or replacement, from 50.

Where might those come from? Personally, I am undecided between the obvious having been cut out from victims and a clinic bankruptcy. Amongst the datajack hides a small treasure in the form of a very high quality jack which, with just a little work and modification, can be considered delta grade.

I was mulling about how to write the dermal plates and finally went with the simple version above as the text would otherwise probably have become so long, that I would have had to update the rest as well to keep things looking balanced. Apart from that, this (i.e., an ad for used cyberware) was one of the very early ideas for Ad-Blog (before it was known as Ad-Blog, even).

Creating an in-game-classified ad every day for 31 days:
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Better explanation (and logos!) (in German)

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  1. You could combine the clinic bankruptcy aspect with the cut out of victims aspect. 😉


    1. Sure, you could. But the ripper angle can get a bit old. Having this be just a bankruptcy might actually be more unexpected and refreshing.


      1. If someone posts an ad, s/he can be contacted by police or other law enforcement departments. So no one would post illegals stuff or stuff gained through illgeal methods in an ad.


        1. Depends on how/where the ad is posted. Plus: That requires an active law enforcement and/or non-stupid criminals. So: I can perfectly imagine such illegal ads being posted openly. And I obviously can imagine appropriate channels which specialize in hosting ads for illegal goods. We are still talking the Sixth World, after all.


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