PSick Sigil

SLA Equipment
The PSick Sigil is an upgraded version of Heroes Inc.’s standard Sigil implant nanocomputer. It retains the impressive interface functionality of the standard model and adds combat rated intrusion features, allowing to weaponize enemies’ own electronic equipment.

The PSick Sigil falls under the same distribution restrictions as the standard Sigil. Nominal list price is given as 39000D in Heroes Inc. budgeting.

Game Use:
The PSick Sigil works as a standard Sigil. Wrestling has to be selected as one of the seven skills to be used with the PSick Sigil.

With a successful Wrestling attack made at an additional -2 to hit, the PSick Sigil can be used to manipulate a piece of RO-capable equipment of the target, introducing disorienting feedback into the overlay. This results in the loss of any abilities or bonuses normally granted by the RO and a -5 modifier on all the target’s rolls until the RO is switched off. Switching the RO on again will not restore the original function and will again impose the -5 modifier. A full repair or replacement is necessary.

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