Kill Conditioning

SLA Equipment
Kill Conditioning is an individualized selective biogenetic behavioural modification treatment developed by the Skin Trade. It selectively supresses the natural inhibition against killing against pre-specified targets. Originally used by the Skin Trade in conditioning their human products for combat and assassination missions, Kill Conditioning is now offered on the Black Market. While the treatment has to be individually prepared for each recipient, it can then be administered via simple injection so that no direct or prolonged contact between client and manufacturer is necessary, guaranteeing the Skin Trade laboratories’ security.

The common Black Market price for Kill Conditioning is 500u and includes the customisation of the treatment with the subject’s genetic material and specific victim data, all of which have to be provided to the seller.

Game Use:
Game Use: +1 rank in Psychosis: Psychopathy. Ignore any PS caused by attacking or killing one pre-defined target.
Recovery Time: 6 hours. During recovery time the character is unable to take part in any physical activity. This allows the implants time to heal.

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