“Insurrection” Drop Pod Launch Bays – a new ship component for Rogue Trader

“Insurrection” Drop Pod Launch Bays (Supplemental Component)
The “Insurrection” holds a modicum of drop pods and has limited capacity for simultaneous launches. This is due to its mechanical soft launch equipment and the host of decoys, sensor baffles and augur blinding it can employ to mask the launch and approach of its drop pods in order to allow not only rapid but stealthy insertions on hostile planetary bodies.

Steel Rain: When working towards a Military objective, the players earn an additional 50 Endeavour Points towards completing that objective.

Masked Drop Pod Deployment: The players may use drop pods. The “Insurrection” design is equipped to handle 20 pods, 5 of which can be launched every 30 minutes (i.e., it may launch 5 pods per strategic turn). If only a single pod is launched in a strategic turn, all tests to detect or target the pod receive a -50 modifier. If 2 pods are launched in the same turn, all such tests suffer a -40 modifier for both pods, for 3 pods the modifier is -30, for 4 pods -20, and the maximum 5 pods per turn would benefit from a -10 modifier, as the limited amount of decoys and masking systems need to cover an increasing number of real drop pods. The pods must be recovered from the planet’s surface before being reused.

Appropriate Hull Types: All ships
Power: 2
Space: 4
SP: 2

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