A-Summer-Day-a-Day, Day 31: The Last Day of Cannibal Summer – a summer day for SLA Industries

Day 31: SLA Industries

The Last Day of Cannibal Summer
For a dead planet, Mort sports a surprising diversity of eco systems. The extensive swamps and moors forming around some of the disused, decaying or forgotten sections of Mort the city’s sewers and water infrastructure are just one of them. The seasons in this environment are influenced by the inflows of water reaching it, with summer being noted for the warm waters out of industrial coolant circuits. This influx of warmth and energy makes summer a time of growth and fertility, the parting of which is celebrated by cannibal families living in the moors in a great feast. Being approached or invited by strangers is always dangerous in the decaying sectors of Lower Downtown, but never more so than on the last day of summer.

Yes, well, of course there could be more text, more meat on the bones, so to speak. But, really, it’s clear what this is about and how to handle it in a game, right?


  1. Nicht zwingend … manchmal ist weniger mehr. Ich habe ein ganz gutes Bild, und finde es eher inspirierend.


    1. Denke ich ja auch. Aber mit dem letzten Satz bin ich nicht so richtig zufrieden (aber schon mehr als mit der ersten Version).

      Ich freue mich aber, dass es klappt das Bild zu vermitteln.


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