Hummingbird Remote – new equipment for Blue Planet

Hummingbirds are a type of aerial remote simulacrum (see Field Manual, page 36 (Blue Planet v2), or Player’s Guide, page 142 (Blue Planet revised edition)), sometimes used by field scientists on Poseidon. Remotes of this type are manufactured by a number of different companies and also built by skilled individuals within the scientific community. Accordingly, there is not a single set of design specifications. Instead Hummingbrids are defined by the following shared characteristics: A small ultra-maneuverable bird-simulacrum frame with refined phototropic finish and a long utility beak or proboscis. The beak can be fixed or interchangeable, with usual models providing small grippers, syringes for injections or sample collection, or sensor stalks.

The Calliope series is an example for a high-end Hummingbird. It is manufactured by a group of Lavender Organics technicians on Dyfedd, whose private part-time venture was sanctioned by their Incorporate superiors to publicly underline Dyfedd’s intended status as an open base for innovative high-tech projects.

Dimensions: 7.5 grams and 10 milliliters
Power Source: Micro cell
Rigging Value: Standard
Durability: 0
Legality: Legal
Availability: Scarce
Cost: 1,800cs


  1. Nice tidbit for Blue Planet. Really digging the Hummingbird simulacrum.

    Got the core book floating about here, sadly never played it.


    1. Thank you!

      To me, Blue Planet is one of those open world type RPGs that provide very little guidance of what to do with them, so there is an additional hurdle to actually setting up a game.

      At the same time, that is also one of the reasons it lends itself so well to these kinds of little additions.


        1. Thanks for the encouragement.

          If you liked the Humminbird, maybe the Poseidon Retriever (bio-modded dog breed for Poseidon) or Stranger Tastes (small selection of edible Poseidon plants) could be worth a glance.


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