SLA Equipment
A stomp from the past, these heavy-duty cybernetic leg prosthetics from the heyday of the Chrome Warrior era are being reissued by Pablo Cybernetics, a Mort based soft company borrowing heavily from Tek Trex and supposedly a spin-off from the latter.

The Earthshakers claim to fame is in their extreme mass, itself a product of reinforced internal construction, thick composite armour plating, and the high-powered COMAP (combined magnetic and pneumatic) motors driving them. Internal power on the Earthshakers is sufficient for 3000 hours operation.

Pablo Cybernetics offers their re-issue Earthshakers at a formidable 20000u on the Black Market.

Game Use:
PV 13 ID 60 per leg

Kicks deal DAM 4 PEN 0 AD 5

Recovery Time: 120 hours. During recovery time the character is unable to take part in any physical activity. This allows the implant surgery to heal.

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