Cryo Gun

SLA Equipment
The last entry in our series showcasing delivery systems for pharmaceuticals onto unwilling targets under combat conditions – other than running at them with a syringe clutched in your fist, which is also always a good weirdly telegenic option -, IQ’s Cryo Gun is a special treat we kept in the fridge for last.

The Cryo is fed from an internal liquid formulation tank magazine, with each shot-dose being shock-frozen into a piercing sliver of ice prior to being fired using a compressed air launch mechanism.

Up to ten doses of a single substance can be loaded into the tank magazine, with the compressed air cartridge being sized for a matching ten uses. Power for the freezing unit is sufficient for 5,000 hours of operation. The Cryo is compatible with standard sights.

The IQ Cryo Gun weights 1.2 kg and costs 760c. Compressed air cartridges cost 1c each.

Game Use:
Cryo Gun Clip 10 Calibre – ROF 1 Recoil 0 Range 10m

Sliver PEN 4 DAM 1 AD 0

If the sliver causes a wound, it also delivers one dose of whatever substance it consists of.

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