Bowie Sword

SLA Equipment
As a weapon, the Bowie Sword is unimpressive by today’s standards. That is, until you come to the nanoscale FTL drive at its core. Once activated, for just a fraction of an eyeblink, the Bowie Sword is not where it is supposed to be, as its blade moves faster than the eye, or even light may follow, blindsiding opponents in a sense both literal and unimagineable.

The drive core and its energy system bring the weight of the Bowie Sword to 5 kg. Bowie Swords are currently not offered for sale on the open market.

After a single use of the grip activated drive, the non-replaceable core burns out.

Game Use:
Bowie Sword Skill Blade, 2-H DAM 3 PEN 1 AD 1

Once, when the drive core is activated, the Bowie Sword ignores any defensive skill ranks of the target for a single attack.

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