Bleeding Gums – alien sweets for Warhammer 40,000

Xenos Gums
To the knowledgeable, it comes as little surprise that the galaxy’s most skillful and extravagant confectioners are to be found among the Dark Eldar, that acursed sub-species of a wholly decadent race of xenos rightfully reviled for their excesses of heathen hedonism.

Yet, there are those in the Imperium whose own heretical palate craves for the exquisite and dangerous works of the Dark Eldar’s sweet shops and willing to pay almost any price for what unscrupulous Rogue Traders and xenos tainted criminals dealing in such wares colloquially call bleeding gums, both for some of their rumoured ingredients and their effect on those unused to such exotic treats.

When consuming a bleeding gum of genuine Dark Eldar creation for the first time, a character gains 1 Corruption Point.

Whenever consuming a bleeding gum, a human character (including abhumans and mutants) also has to consult the following table to determine any additional effects.

Roll Effect
01-10 Fizzle. No effect.
11-20 Rainbow synaesthesia. The character’s oral soft tissues and teeth become brightly discoloured for one day.
21-30 One gets used to it. The character gains the Decadence talent. Any further rolls on this table are treated as if the character had rolled a 01.
31-40 Mouth wateringly bland. The character gains the Heightened Sense (Taste) talent for 5 minutes.
41-50 Spiced recaf and electricity. The character immediately regenerates 1 level of Fatigue.
51-60 Psychotic rage with a trace of lime. The character enters a Frenzy for 1d5 Rounds.
61-70 Apples. The character immediately gains 1 Insanity Point.
71-80 Crematory ashes. The character suffers from effects as being hit by a hallucinogen grenade and failing the Toughness test. The effects last 1 round only.
81-90 Ground glass with a strong coppery aftertaste. The character takes 1d5 Rending damage to the head without the benefits of Toughness or armour.
91-00 Sensory overload! The character immediately gains 1d5 Insanity Points and takes 1d5-3 (minimum 0) points of damage without the benefits of Toughness or armour. Then roll again on this table.

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