Dyson Mono

The Dyson Mono, sometimes also called a Dysonwheel, is a monowheel motorcycle design, with the driver riding within the hollow – or spoke – of its single large wheel. The Mono’s basic structure is that of two rings. The larger outer ring acts as the actual wheel, while the smaller inner ring consists of the drive motors and a exceptionally large torus type fusion reactor with 60000 hours of operational life.

Zero friction surfaces where the two rings meet let the inner ring, and the rider within it, maintain their upright orientation at all times.

Navigation is assisted by a series of tri-lens cameras providing the rider with a clear view of the road, unblocked by the body of his own vehicle.

A Dyson Mono costs 2300c.

Game Use:

Type Bike Max Speed 350 km/h Skill Drive, Motorcycle PV/ID 10/150 Max Crew/Passengers 1/1

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