Diamond Gun

A handgun which shoots diamonds adds a unique touch to any fire fight.

The Diamond Gun uses the precious stones’ extraordinary hardness to achieve armour penetration. Ammunition comes in the form of rings, which are separated by the gun’s action into the diamond sliver penetrator and the propellant charge.

The barrel is made of especially hardened ceramics to cope with the exotic ammunition.

The Diamond Gun can mount silencer, laser sight, pistol stock, recoil baffling, and a variety of scopes.

All diamond rings come with the option of engraving names, dates, and any other text.

A Diamond Gun costs 500c. A single diamond ring costs 10c, including engraving.

Game Use:

Diamond Gun Clip 7 Calibre – ROF 1 Recoil 4 Range 18m

Diamond Ring PEN 8 DAM 5 AD 2

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