The Korinthera Phantom – an artifact for SLA Industries

The Korinthera Phantom

Recovered from the Korinthera dig site before archaeological operations on the planet were halted in favour of turning the world over to the Department of War for use as a test site of orbital bombardment systems, the so called Korinthera Phantom is the most prominent find from the dig.
A shallow metal shell bears a remarkable similarity in shape, size and general construction to the face plates of Shade powersuit helmets from the Conflict Wars. However, contrary to other such specimens all of which bear some sort of facial structures moulded onto their outer surface in great detail, the one found on Korinthera is completely smooth and featureless.

The Korinthera Phantom is in the possession of the institute of archaeology at Application 791, Mort.
It is not being displayed at the moment but undergoing further comparative analysis.

Game Use

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