Controlling the Desert – new protocols and enhancements for The Red Star

Command Deck
A follow-up of sorts to the desert- and heat-themed shaman invocations of last week, this article presents sorcerous environmental protection options in use by the Red Fleet and their rivals in the armed forces and intelligence agencies of the WTA:

Ambient Temperature Control Protocol (ATC-P)
U.R.R.S. (Medikaster, Sorceress Engineer)

Nonlethal Damage: 1d8
Component Purchase DC: 14
Component Weight: 0.5 kg
Kast Check DC: 12
Kasting Time: 1 full round
Range: Close (Kast check result in meters)
Area: Hemisphere of (Kast check result x 10 meters) radius
Duration: (Kast check result) x 1 hour, or until cancelled
Sorcery Resistance: Yes

This protocol changes the temperature in an area, bringing it one step towards normal, i.e. hot or cold environments become normal, while searing hot/bitter cold environments become hot/cold.

Overkast: Overkasting increases the area of effect, doubling it at Grade I, tripling it at Grade II, and so on.

Climate Control Enhancement (CCE)
WTA Protocol Equipment Enhancement

A step up from the simple temperature resistance enhancements used in some of the combat uniforms of the Red Fleet, the WTA’s advanced Climate Control Enhancement (CCE) provides the wearer of a so enhanced suit of armour or uniform with total immunity from the effects of hot or cold temparatures and a +8 bonus to Fortitude saves to resist the effects of searing hot/bitter cold temparatures.
Addition of a CCE increases the Purchase DC of clothing or armor by +7 (with a minimum Purchase DC before adjustment of 14, as usual for protocol-enhanced clothing).

The artwork is taken from The Red Star: Prison of Souls and was used with kind permission of Christian Gossett.
The Red Star and all related characters are ™ and © Christian Gossett. Used with kind permission.
The Red Star Campaign Setting is © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.
Die Grafik stammt aus The Red Star: Prison of Souls und wurde mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Christian Gossett verwendet.
The Red Star und alle verwandten Charaktere sind ™ und © Christian Gossett. Verwendet mit freundlicher Genehmigung.
The Red Star Campaign Setting ist © Green Ronin Publishing, LLC.

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