Chayot – a new Engel for CthulhuTech



Type: Orbital Super-Heavy Engel
Size: Behemoth (62′ tall)

Despite the development of the Chayot class of orbital Engels being directly linked to Operation Final Strike, they did not become available in time for the attack on the Migou Hive Ship.
The most imposing physical feature of the Chayot, even before its massive size makes itself inexorably felt, has to be its four partially armored wings whose organic parts seem almost filigrane. But not only its appearance is paradoxical. Despite its size, the Chayot is built for speed – and despite the vast distances characterizing its primary area of operation, its armarments are primarily geared towards short range and melee combat.
This mix however, was thought to create unique and powerful possibilities for the vital mission. The delays that caused the Chayot to finally take no part in it were manifold but the repeated reports of Engel test pilots that the Chayot tended to suddenly change course during orbital flights on its own accord and tried to accelerate away from Earth and the ecliptic plane directly into the black depths of space were perhaps one of the most important.

Control Response (Agility) +2
Sensors (Perception) 0
Frame (Strength) 11 (+2 damage)
Multi-Task Systems (Actions) +1
Warning Systems (Reflex) +1

Sensory Systems
Broadband Audio
Targeting (+2)

Support Systems
0-G Systems
Auto-Sealant System
Cold Resistance
Extended Endurance Environmentals
Life Support

Ground Speed: 180 mph (444/108 ypt)
Air/Water Speed: 120 mph (296/72 ypt)
Orbital Speed: 1800 mph (4440/1080 ypt)
Acceleration Code: D [3/2]
Jumping Distance: Double (60/30)
Enhanced A-Pod Speed (Quadruple)
Enhanced Land Speed (Sextuple)
Micro-Gravity Maneuvering Systems

Integrity 30
Armor 3/3
Damage Control Systems 2/turn
Regeneration 1 die/turn
(Total Recovery 2 + 1 die/turn)

Weapon Systems
2 Hyperedge Spurs with Acid Drip (Large)
Lightning Gun (Large)
Piercing Horns with Acid Drip (Large)
Prehensile Stinger Tail with Acid Drip (Large)
Scatter Missile Pods (Large)

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