Monkey Scratcher – an artifact for SLA Industries

The legendary Monkey Scratcher has become a staple of Frother mythology on Mort. It is said to be a sword (an MJL Power Claymore 300/Block 906, though some stories put it as a 301 Refined – most advocates of other models did not survive the spirited debates on the topic) that lends its wielder superhuman prowess and stamina. Enough, to enable her or him to vanquish any opponent and to fight for days upon end with no pause whatsoever.
Asked about the Monkey Scratcher, Multi-Job Lacerates’ representatives reply that all of their Power Claymores will allow one to vanquish any opponent and fight for days upon end with no pause whatsoever – thanks to the 300’s integral 5000 hours power supply.

Game Effects
Monkey Scratcher is a MJL Power Claymore 298 (Pre-Production Model). It’s statistics are identical to those of a regular MJL Power Claymore 300.
As long as a Frother holds Monkey Scratcher in both hands, all drugs currently affecting him are treated as if he were administered an additional dose each phase. This affects the drugs’ game effects as well as their addiction chances.
Experiencing Monkey Scratcher’s effects for the first time will expose the wielder to 4 PS.

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