(Blog-Like-a-)Pirate-(a-)Day: Jingo, Princling of Pirates – a pirate for Freeya

Day 9: Freeya

Jingo, Princling of Pirates
The halflings of Ered are Freeya’s premier mercantile sea power. Few of their captains will not engage in hindering the competition and turning an additional profit if opportunity presents itself. Some of them have made such opportunities their main business, though. And a profitable business it can be, as the golden palace in Elysian style shows that Jingo (male halfling rogue 16), the princling of pirates, has had built for himself on one of the outlying islands of Ered. Always, Jingo is equipping a new flotilla just before he would have to start to scratch away the gold from his rooftops and walls to fund his love of food and festitivities. He understands very well, that it is this display of wealth and the implicated promise of great riches to be had, that makes him so successful in recruiting new crews and motivating them to take the insane risks he is known for once out at sea.

This is basically a side effect. My own main interest here was to figure out who the pirates are on Freeya in the first place. Halflings is part of the answer.

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