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Editorial: Wishlist I

All new shiny toys! … Or perhaps not? For Christmas, the year‘s new releases are going to feature once more on wishlist after wishlist. Why is that, though? “New is […]

Editorial: What to play?

Christmas and the holiday season are around the corner again and thus the beginning of the time traditionally spent inside, gaming. In contrast to the summer month there are fewer […]

Editorial: Sources for inspiration

Worldbuilding Adventure or even Character designing – nothing works for long without new input from elsewhere. Most favorite Sources for this are above all books, mostly novels and sometimes non-fiction […]

Editorial 2011 11 06

The audio commentary on “Hot Fuzz” is one of the most insightful I ever listened to. Clever, funny and honest. Everything I always wanted it to be. The last roleplaying […]

Editorial October

Hooray, it's Saturday night and I am sitting here I'm trying to pull the topic for an editorial of my head. Ideas, I have plenty, but nothing want to be […]