Veteran of the Conflict Wars – a veteran for SLA Industries

For the seventh year it goes against RPG-a-Day. To the veterans of this never ending struggle.

Veteran-a-Day, Day 5

Veteran of the Conflict Wars

Drawing upon Intruder’s War Diaries, after action reports and other archive material, as well as the copious exisiting body of historical research and more recent findings and analyses, “Veteran of the Conflict Wars” is a popular history documentary TV programme depicting the Conflict Wars. Large sections of dramatized content and violent action shots (using original sources as well as edited, re-staged, and new combat footage) interrupting the more technical parts of battlefield and museum footage, diagrams, and talking heads are beloved hallmarks of the series.

A vidhead who is currently hooked on Veteran of the Conflict Wars as their main show may use Luck to come up with a useful detail or bit of trivia concerning the Conflict Wars or closely related topics.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

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